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ICSAR 2023 accepts abstracts or full papers both in Turkish and English.
Researchers can submit just abstract or full paper.
Papers can be presented by virtual.
All abstracts and full papers will be evaluated under blind-reviewprocess.
The submissions will be reviewed by at least two independent referees.
Researchers have to use CMT system to submission.
Accepted Full papers can be published in All Sciences Proceedings.
Similarity should be 25% without references, 30% with references at most.
Authors should upload Copyright Form and Plagrasim Report as Supplemantary Files.

Paper Format:


  • Turkish Full Paper Template

  • English Full Paper Template

  • Turkish Abstract Template

  • English Abstract Template

Selected and extended version of full papers from Turkish participants can be published in European Journal of Science and Technology (EJOSAT-Google Scholar). This journal can require the publication fee.

Extended version of papers  can be submitted in one journal at below by participants. These paper can require the publication fee. There is no special issue in related journals for ICSAR 2023.

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